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Scene 1Edit

"You guys seem to be quite the it couple." the talk show host,Kim Andrews. said to Langston

The interviewer was referring to Langston's relationship with Mason Malone.The  teen couple had been together for six months.And they were now on every Teen Magazine.

"I've noticed." Langston let out a little laugh

"Is it easier or hard to date someone that understands the business like you?"

"I think it makes it easier because they can understand the stress-filled routine." Langston answered

"Speaking of stress filled," she  began,"Do you still find time to be a teen?"

"Of course." Langston nodded,"I hang out with my friends and family all the time.My mom's number one goal is that I have a balance.She's strict about that.She never wants me to have too much time focused on my career."

"Speaking of careers any  details?" Kim Andrews asked Langston curiously

"I can't say much.But I will say that I do have some projects coming up." Langston answered with a smile

"Yeah and the new season of Wicked Perfect starts in three weeks, right?"

"Yes," Langston nodded,"So don't forget to stay tuned."

"Alright, we'll be right back and then Langston is gonna play a little game with us. Stay tuned." Kim Andrews said to the camera and smiled

Langston smiled as the audience began clapping as the show went to commercial.All in a day of show business.

Scene 2Edit

"Are you sure that's not important?" Ellie asked nothing Kendall's phone constant vibration

"It's nothing." Kendall kissed her again

Ellie nodded and returned kissing Kendall.As she wrapped her arms around his neck,his phone began to vibrate again. "Babe, your phone has vibrated like 6 times." Ellie noted as Kendall continued kissing her neck

"I told you it wasn't important."

"Apparently, it is." Ellie said pushing him off of her

"Come on,babe." Kendall whined

Ellie shook her head and flicked her head towards his pocket where his buzzing phone was located.Kendall sighed and reached for his phone Ellie stood back as Kendall flicked it open.

"Yeah." Kendall said to the phone

Ellie listened as Kendall talked with the person on the phone